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Reduce the PST Size through Email Archiving

May 14, 2010

One of the most important aspect of Email Archiving is to reduce the size of the original Outlook PST file. The Email Archiving solution should be able to offload the content of the Outlook PST file. Outlook performs the best if the size of the PST is under a limited size otherwise as it grows there is effect of the size on the overall performance of the Outlook.

Email Archiving solution should use light weight database to stores the content of the Outlook Emails. There are solution which can come with requirement to install third party database like Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server, I would rather suggest you that you should ignore such products as the cost of third party database will be more than the actual email archiving product. It is recommended for the vendor to use embedded database for their product which doesn’t require any installation of third part database software.

The question does come that how to ensure data is stored in a safe repository, what happen if the storage in which the archived data is stored gets corrupted. My suggestion to vendor will be atleast give a thought to it instead of completely ignoring the question. This is important question and should be carefully answered.

Another important aspect to verify with theĀ  email archiving solution vendor is that how do they ensure the email data cannot be touched. Whether they are storing the email content in database or somewhere else. This is very important factor as many laws prohibit the tampering of the email content in any form.


Outlook Archiving: Need of the Hour

May 13, 2010

Email Archiving is becoming a alternative for Email Backup solution. From the days where we would take a backup of the emails or the Outlook PST file and forget about it and then again load when we need them again. Even though it serve the primary purpose of the offloading the old emails and reducing the size of the PST file. It may not be the right solution.

Email Archiving is today’s need and user should understand why this is important for them. Archiving will allow the email content within the PST to be stored on a separate repository say a database but also at the same time ensure the primary objective of reducing of PST file is also served.

Apart from the basic feature, email archiving also brings some of the coolest feature that a user can ever imagine with backup solution

  1. Search within the archived emails.
  2. Search based on text such as body, subject or receiver or sender.
  3. Search on attachment contents.
  4. Restore the particular data from archive in a Outlook PST form.
  5. Complete historical recording of each archived data.
  6. Respond to email such forward an email from the archive store.

The above is some of the common features that is expected from modern day email archiving solution for Outlook.