Search Features in Email Archiving Solution

The most important feature for any email archiving solution for Outlook is SEARCH. There is no second thought that if the email archiving solution doesn’t have a powerful search in terms

  1. Features
  2. Performance

Then such solution should just not only considered but they also should be treated as OBSOLETE.


Search Within Content:

Any email archiving solution should without any failure SHOULD provide search within content of the email. This include

  1. Body of the Email Message.
  2. Subject of the Message.
  3. Sender Email Address
  4. Receiver Email Address

User SHOULD be able to perform free text based search. The email archiving solution should provide the results based on matching terms. User are used to Google Search so providing such search will only increase the usability of the product.

Search Within Attachments

One of the most important feature is providing free text based search within the contents of the attachments including the file name. Not only the email should come in result due to presence of the search words within the attachments but also the email archiving product should provide proper highlighting feature to allow user to understand which attachment have the search words. This is really a chaos situation where an email is part of search result but the product doesn’t highlight the attachment which has those relevant words.

Search Based on Dates

Providing search based on dates allow user to narrow down the search on the huge email archiving store. This is really a good feature to have for an email archiving solution provider.

Search Based on Folders

This may not be a necessary feature but to provide an ability to include or exclude folders will help user narrow down the search.

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